Are you suffering from audience fatigue?? Have you gone fun blind?? 
Try The Fricks!
Our scientists are dedicated to developing the Third Space! The place that isn’t the bar or the bedroom, but the secret special third thing that’s got the best of both!
Studies have shown that The Fricks provide fast, effective relief from the obligations of being a ‘well behaved’ audience member.
And boy is it fun. fun? fun!
So don’t let your butt get tired, throw away that theatre etiquette, and come with us!

The Fricks was founded in 2019 by Courtney Campbell, Ethan Halpern, and Emma ‘Mags’ Magnus, during the launch of the First Annual Mischief Night Conundrum Theatrical Spectacular. Since then we continue to generate absurd and Mischievous theatre that encourages audiences to expand their mind and have a good time. 

The Fricks include:
Courtney Campbell
Ethan Halpern
Emma ‘Mags’ Magnus
Madison Iosia
Hagan Oliveras
Maci Zakarin 

Follow along to see what The Fricks have in store next!

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