Key Art: Amy Cho

August 13-18, 2024
East Village Basement - 321 E. 9th Street New York, NY, 10003

Welcome aboard! Join The Fricks on a metaphysical ride through the elation and insanity of developing America’s most beloved theme park. Tackling the intersections of technology and creativity, Tomorrow People presents the human complexities of exploring what the future may hold.

The Smiths are getting ready for the Homeowner’s Association Potluck. Sigourney Weaver is battling a puppet. And the baby is crying. Crack open a cold sarsaparilla and get to work before too many tomorrows go by. Discover the inner workings of the minds of the Tomorrow People.

Courtney Campbell, Emma Magnus, Atticus Shaindlin, Madison Iosia, Imani Brissett

Executive Producer: Tyler Ellman
Creative Consultant: Alex Montesino

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